Monday, May 09, 2011

My latest playing around

A short while ago I was in a slump with my embroidery and fancied doing something totally different and I thought I know I will have a go at making some bears, I was very lucky that a fantastic Bear Artist lives a short distance from me who when I contacted her invited me to have some tutorials from her and she is Danni from BarrelBears and my first bear that I made is Arnold
I then thought of my best friend who lives in the USA and who I know loves pincushions so I found a cute little kit for a bear pincushion from Kympatti Bears in Australia and this is the little Ted I made for her

I then thought what fun it was making bears and found a cute little kit for a mini bear at a Doll and Bear show that I went to and this is the result

The next challenge was to make another miniature bear and I made this little lady as a gift for my best friend and know how much she loves springtime called her Willow as she reminds me of the colour of the new willow tree leaves when they start to come out in the spring

I also have a few others in production of different sizes and different types of fabric and different types of mohair so watch this space and hope to have them to show you in the not too distant future


Love to Stitch 99 said...


They are all so cute and by adding just a tiny bit of decoration like a necklace and tie gives them a nice personality.

I do love my little bear pincushion and can't wait to share my house with Willow (big grin).

Like always, your work is just wonderful.

Pierrette =^..^=

soggibottom said...

Terry, I can see I have competition. They are beautiful bears :-) :-) xxx