Monday, April 27, 2009

Watercolour done in a loose style

Well its been a while since I posted but have been busy stitching and done a little watercolour painting, I did this whilst at class where we were doing something that we felt was outside our comfort zone which was the same for most of us to just throw and splash the paint around to see how it would fall and this is an interpretation of working in a Lowry style.

I am not really happy about it but in the end it was fun to do and I am always up for a challenge, my next challenge is to paint a little something for my SWAP partner of a group I belong to, I know where it is going but cannot say as it would spoil the surprise so as soon as its done and arrived at its destination which could be 20 miles down the road or across the other side of the world I will share it with you all

Sunday, April 05, 2009

My birthday gift framed

I have just framed my birthday gift from Pierrette and spent some time looking for just the right frame and I found this, its is brushed silver metal with a swirly circle design on it which echos the swirls on the canvas.

The mount is a black velvet/suede mount and I did toy with having a second inner mount but decided that this would show of the little Kitty best of all.
I had problems taking a decent photo as whichever way I tried I kept getting reflections, outside I got trees and clouds show up and inside a flash bounced back and I got a spodge right in the middle so I hope that you like not only the frame and mount that I chose but also the photo