Friday, November 02, 2007


This is a fun painting that I did for a Halloween joke for my very dear friend Pierrette it is a total mixture of mediums from pencil to pen and ink and gel pens and watercolours and even acrylic inks.

I always tease her that I am a witch and can land on her roof at anytime and asked her to make sure that her roof was ready for my landing onHalloween, however it seemed that some things started to go wrong as we had a postal strike here in the UK and it seemed that my little joke gift to her would not arrive in time, however due to my putting a spell on all the postmen worldwide that if they did not deliver to Pierrette in time for Halloween then I would turn them all into slimy wart infested toads and it seemed to work as it arrived just in the nick of time as it ormally takes around 5 or 6 days for post to arrive between us this took 12 days and I was starting to think that it had got lost.