Saturday, April 21, 2007


This is a little Maple leaf that I have just finished and was from a little kit from I have a couple of other little kits of hers that I must get around to stitching one is of a little mouse and the other is of a little squirrel

Monday, April 02, 2007

Freestyle Embroidery

This is a little cottage from a kit that I stitched years ago but just had in my finished projects box laying there sad and neglected and one day I asked my very dear friend Pierrette if she would like to have it to go alongside the Thatched Cottage that I stitched for her birthday and she said that she would love it. Pierrette had it framed and now the lonely little cottage that was all sad and forelorn looks beautiful with it mount and very pretty matching frame

Sunday, April 01, 2007

City & Guilds

This is a little stitch sample that was the first one that I created whilst doing my City & Guilds embroidery and design course. We had to chose a picture and I liked one that was of 'Diatomes' which are found in water and cannot be seen by the naked eye. This covers several techniques from applique to beading and a trial of different stitches. The fabrics are all silk and the threads used are also silk

Art Dolls

This is a little art doll called Fleur that I made for Pierrette we were in an Art Doll exchange and as well as making a doll for our chosen partners we also both made one for each other. Her dress is made from Dupion Silk and I tried to make her as a Fuchsia flower fairy doll. Her wings are made from fused Angelina fibres and this is her in the garden leaning against a large flower pot


My very dear friend Pierrette loves aprons and I have made several for her and this is the only one that I have a photo of. We have a little standing joke between us about 'Bees' and this fabric if you look closely has got lots of little bees all over it, sorry its not a very good photo, perhaps Pierrette herself will take some photos of her other aprons along with this one so that you can see them all