Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gifts made for Christmas

Front of Pinn

Back of Pinn

I made a couple of things for my friend Pierrette for Christmas. I made her some aprons and also a little Dog Pincushion and found just the right fabric for it with a tiny print of sewing items like cotton reels tape measures thimbles etc- This little doggie pincushion now is called 'Pinn'


CraftyPretender said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog :) I logged into yours and I think I am in love! You do such marvellous embroidery work, which I am really wanting to start to learn!

As for my Patchwork Sampler, you can obtain the chart from a Dutch LNS at www.titaniadreams.com
Novia, the owner, might have a couple of Jan Houtman charts still available. She was retailing them for a while. I do recommend writing her an email and enquiring.

Actually, may I link your blog to mine? It's soooo gorgeous!!!

CraftyPretender said...

oops I forgot to tell you, my name is EeKoon and I'm from Malaysia

LovetoStitch99 said...


It is difficult for me not to smile when I look at my new little friend. What is his name again? I forgot how we named him, isn't it awful? (rofl)

Good thing that he is not going anywhere so I don't have to call him "doggy" to get his attention :-)

Pierrette =^..^=