Saturday, October 28, 2006

William Morris Design

This was a kit that I purchased at a show for the silly price of £5 it took some time to finish but once I got stuck in I could not stop.

It was originally for a cushion cover but I decided to mount it, to date its still not framed but is laced onto a board and all ready to go.


Cat said...

What a lovely blog and you do such stunning work! The CQ pillows are fabulous, you have very blessed friends! And your Brazilian Embroidery - WOW!

Thanks for the blog visit so I could come here and see yours!

Smiles, Cat

Mandy said...

The William Morris design is beautiful. It will look really good framed. Oh, well done. What a lovely item to have hanging on your walls.

abeautifulcraft said...

This is one pretty design, I've never heard of Willian Morrid before, so will now go browsing to learn some more. Is this all done in satin stitch?

Maureen said...

Love the William Morris inspired work.I can relate to having something laced,but NOT framed--a SRE Rose sampler has been sitting,waiting,since 1999.